Customizing the template

If you have basic HTML knowledge, you can design and create your own template.  Go to “Settings” > “Layout”.

Your template must start and end with the following tags:


… Your Content …

<!– END: MAIN –>

In order to save the template, the following tags for standard elements must be present in your template:

This tag must be added within the <HEAD> tag in your template.

This tag will show the categories in your store. The links will separated by a <br> tag, which will display them below each other. If you need the links to be display in a list format, you can use {CATALOG_UL}, where each link will be enclosed with <li>…</li>.

This 3 tags must be use together to show the shopping cart information of current customer.

This tag will substitute the main content area. The content (category display, product details, shopping cart and checkout information) will be generated automatically in this area. To minimize any complication with the tag, it would be better to enclose this tag will <div>…</div>.

To provide greater flexibility in designing the layout, we added this “Homepage Hidden Top” in the layout for your use. This portion will be displayed only when it is at the homepage. When the customer switches to other pages, the content in this portion will not be shown.

Other tags you can use in the template file:

Store descriptions:

Lists and Pages menu:

Currency selection (if Currency Plus tool is activated):

For CSS and Javascript usage:

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