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currency_plus If you provide Worldwide Shipping, this tool will be of great use to you.

Let your customers shop with an ease of mind! With the Currency Plus tool, your customers will not have to manually convert the local prices on your website to their currency prices.

Once you have chosen the countries you ship to, they will be able to select their currency and the prices on your website will be converted into their local currency rates.
Currency Plus

Customers will be able to choose their currency on your webstore.
Currency Plus

shipment_country Provide Worldwide Shipping?

We all know overseas shipment fees are quite expensive. So if you want to charge your customers that additional fee, this tool is for you!

Country Handling

Simply select the countries you ship to from the list and key in the type of fee/amount you want to charge the customers.

You can now provide your customers with virtual discount vouchers! These discount vouchers are only available for your online store. How to create the discount voucher: 1. Open up the 'Discount Voucher' tool under your Dashboard. 2. Under 'Create new discount voucher', enter the necessary details. Fields with an asterisk are mandatory. Discount Voucher

Voucher Code

This code will be auto-generated if the voucher expiry is chosen under 'Period'. If your voucher expires on a certain date, you may create a customized code.


You may come up with a name for the voucher.


The type of discount your customer will be able to enjoy off your online store - Fixed Amount/ Percentage/ Free Delivery. Choose the type and key in the amount required.

Allowed email user

Do you only want a certain customer to be able to use this voucher or will you allow multiple usage from your customers?

Minimum Order

Amount/ Number of Items - Does your customer have to spend a certain amount or purchase a number of items before they can utilize the discount voucher?


You may choose when your discount voucher expires - No Expiry/ Date/ Period. Period: Example if your voucher expires within a 14 day(s) period, the Voucher Code will be auto-generated daily. Day 1: You give Customer A the 10% voucher with the code 'ABC-001', he/she will be able to use this code for the next 14 days. Day 2: You also give Customer B the 10% voucher BUT with the code 'ABC-002', he/she will therefore be able to use it for the next 14 days. It is the same voucher, except for the code given to the customer. You won't have to worry about tracking if the customer is using an expired voucher, Yourowncart does it for you!

Number of use

How many times can your customer use this voucher within the period of expiry? Once you're done, click 'Save Discount Voucher'! Your discount voucher will appear on the top of the page. Discount Voucher

promotionsPromotions tool is great when it comes to providing online promotions in your store.

Create your own promotions with requirements and restrictions!

Promotions tool

All fields with an asterisk are compulsory for this promotion to work.

For example:
Promotions tool

You want to participate in the upcoming Great Singapore Sale (GSS), all you have to do is create a promotion for it!

Promotion Name

Depending on the kind of promotion you’re giving, you can name it accordingly.


Active/ Pause/ Delete – You may choose to activate the promotion, pause it halfway or stop it completely.


For how long you allow your customers to enjoy this promotion – A week, a month?


You may choose the requirements the customer has to meet for this promotion to be valid with his/her purchase – Minimum purchase amount/ Minimum number of items ordered. Simply key in the amount required.


Select the kind of promotion you prefer.


Restrictions are optional.
Learn more about Discount Vouchers.

Once you’re done, click ‘Save Information’ and it will be reflected on the top page of ‘Promotions’.
Promotions tool

As you can see from the above, the customer has to purchase a MINIMUM AMOUNT OF $20.00 to enjoy the promotion of $2 OFF PER ITEM and FREE NORMAL POSTAGE.

Therefore when a customer purchases a total amount of $20.00, he/she will be able to enjoy $2.00 off each item and also free Normal Postage.

The customer’s invoice should look like this:

Promotions tool

To send out emails to your customers, you first have to customize your email templates. You may create Invoices, Payment verification emails!

Email Forms toolControl Panel > Toolbox > Email Forms

Create your own email template using the email tags at the side bar on the left.
Email form

Once you’ve created your email template, click ‘Save Template’. Now you’re ready to send out emails to your customers!

Manual Email

You can either send out emails manually – One-by-one by clicking on the ‘Order Email Forms’ icon. Simply select the email template you need and click ‘send’!

Order Email Form

Mass Email

You may do a mass email to your customers! This function saves you all the hassle and time when it comes to dealing with a pile of orders.

At the bottom of the ‘Orders’ page, click ‘Mass Email Form’.
Mass Email Forms
Now select those orders (Customers) that require attention, select your template (Saved Templates) and click ‘Send’!
Mass Email Page

Do note that the emails are only for Invoices, Payment Verification etc. 
Yourowncart currently does not provide Newsletter services.

As simple as that!

Yourowncart has provided every account with 5 basic Order Statuses.

Basic Statuses
If you feel like you need more statuses to avoid confusion, the Order Statuses tool will allow you to create and customize new statuses.

To customize your statuses, click on ‘Manage Statuses‘ at the bottom of ‘Manage Orders’ page.
Manage Statuses

From here, you’ll be able to create new statuses and sort it according to order.
Manage Statuses page

Once you’re done, it should look something like this!
Order Statuses

Setting Up Your Store

Congratulations on signing up for your new store!

Setting up an online store is not simple task. Traditionally, owners have to look for companies to help install and set up their online store; then they will have to add the products to their store one by one. The entire process can take from few weeks to months before they can start taking in orders.

Lucky for you, Yourowncart has taken care of all the dirty jobs. We have made e-commerce solutions readily available for everyone. Simply register and you will see your online store up and running. Just complete the simple 3 steps set up processes and you’re ready to receive your first order.

Check list:
Activate your account
Set up your store settings: default currency, payment and shipment options.
Add new products to your store
Customizing your store appearance (optional)

If you have completed the above checklist, you can now start marketing and wait for your first business!


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