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Products Management – Part II

Everything that has to do with your product inventory can be found in the ‘Products‘ page.

We have gone through the basics on Adding Products earlier. Here you’ll learn how to manage your products.

Firstly, you will need to browse to a category by selecting from the drop-down list.
Managing Your Products
To manage your categories:
Managing Categories
Clicking ‘Open Storefront‘ will bring you to your store’s page.
Managing Categories
To delete the category, click on ‘Delete Category‘. Then click on ‘Confirm Delete’ button at the popup. The category must be emptied before it can be deleted.

About the products

Managing Products
You can make changes to the stock on hand (SOH) and price of the products directly on the page. Once you’re done with the changes, click ‘Update Prices & SOH‘.

To hide the product from your shopfront:
Set the price of the item to zero (‘0‘).

These will be referred as “Inactive items” at your dashboard. Items with no available stock on hand cannot be added to customer’s shopping cart. However your customers will still be able to view the information of the products.

The check-box on the left side of each item allows you to:
move it to another category,
delete it or
add to a list.

To update other details of the product, you need to click on the respective buttons:
Product Details– Product name, description, pricing and stock on hand information..

Additional Details – Tags, Meta properties, Product parameters and weight.

Product Images – Upload, rearrange or delete the images.


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