Control Panel > Settings > General Tab

You can fill up your store’s details under this tab.
General Settings

To get your own domain:
Control Panel > Settings > General > Click ‘Get my own domain’

From there, you will see a list of functions that you can unlock. Choose ‘My own domain’ and subscribe!

Once you’ve filled in the necessary details, you may upload your store logo.

Store Logo

Do note that the best size for your store logo is 320 x 150 pixels.

Country: Select where your business is based at. This information is captured by our system and will be submitted to search engine.

Operations Settings – PART II

Control Panel > Settings > ‘Operations’ tab

As we’ve already covered the main points of the Operations Settings – Part I in the Set-Up Guide, we’ll now explain the Additional and Checkout Options.

Operations Settings 2

For demonstration purposes only

Additional Options

If you wish to add other options at your checkout page, you can do it at Additional Options.

For some stores that provide extra services, such as gift wrapping or shipping insurance, this feature will be very useful. After defining your new option, your customer will be able to select the service they require before confirming their order.

The options are optional, meaning your customer may choose not to select anything during their checkout.

Checkout Options

If you are operating a few stores, you could use a different customized order ID for each stores. It will be easier to identify the orders when it comes to sorting out.

You can also set a minimum amount for each order. If the order does not meet the requirement, the customer will not be able to proceed with the checkout.

Learn more about Order Invoice Email.

Control Panel > Settings > ‘Display’ tab

The settings in this section mainly deals with the arrangement of your products that will appear in your web-store.

Product View

Yourowncart supports two types of views at your shopfront.

The Blogshop view arrange the products in a single column, fully display with image and description. This view is to cater for store owners that just moved over from their blogging system. You can set the number of products to display on each page.

The Professional view is highly recommended. It is more commonly used by online stores. You may customize ‘Products per Page’ to your preference.

Product Options

Product ratings/comments: You may choose to allow your customers to rate or comment* on your products. It will be easier for both you and your customers to identify which are the better-liked products.

*Product commenting requires subscription of the Comment Add-on from the Toolbox.

Stock Information: You can choose to show or hide the product code and stock on hand (SOH)* information at your shopfront.

*The Stock level control requires subscription of the Stock Control Add-on from the Toolbox. With stock control, you will have a better management of the stock quantity. Your customers will not be paying for something that you no longer have.

Add to Cart in Background: It will be more convenient for your customers if you select ‘Yes‘.
Add to Cart in Background
A small message will appear notify the customer that the item has been added to the shopping cart.

Selecting ‘No‘ would mean that each time your customer adds a product to the cart, it will automatically jump to their shopping cart page.

Product Buttons

Thumbnails are images that are shown at the homepage and in category page.
All product images will be automatically re-sized to fit your shopfront.

Picture default size refers to the maximum size of the product image in the product page. If the uploaded image is larger than the allowable size, it will be automatically re-sized before it is displayed.

You can also change the Add to cart buttons and Rating buttons by uploading your new images to other free image host.

Layout Settings – Part II

Control Panel > Settings > ‘Layout’ tab

We have already covered the basics of editing the template color themes, background image and fonts. Learn more here.

Template HTML Editor

If you have basic HTML knowledge, you can further enhance your store appearance by tweaking the HTML template of your store. Click on the “Template HTML Editor” and you be brought to the HTML editor.

In any case that your template is wrongly modified, we strongly advise you to download a backup of your store’s template before you start editing. To restore a template, simply upload the backup file downloaded from Yourowncart.

Importing your own HTML Template

If you are used to using your own webpage editor, such as Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage, you can also save the file and upload it to the “Importer”.

Please read the guide on designing your template for more information.

Converting from BlogSkins

For store owners that are running a Blogshop, you can browse the BlogSkins website for inspirations. Download the template that you like, and upload it to the “Converter”.

Most of the skins provided at BlogSkins is compatible with our converter.

If you are looking for professional design firms to help you with the design, contact our development team for some recommendations.


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