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Operations Settings – PART I

All the settings of your store can be accessed by clicking on ‘Settings‘ from the menu at the top. The important settings that require your verification for your business to run are housed under Operations Settings.

Operations Settings


Default currency

Your default currency should be the currency of the country that you’re operating in.

The base currency is referenced by the system at your shopfront and the control panel. Before you start your business, it is important to define your base currency.

The “Currency ISO-3” field is the currency code used to identify the currency. For example, if you are operating in the United States, your Currency ISO-3 should be ‘USD‘.

It is especially important for when you checkout using PayPal, the ISO-3 is required to identify the currency of the checkout amount. If you are not sure of currency code you should use, check this table prepared by PayPal.

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Payment Options

During checkout, your customer may want to choose how they want to pay for the order.

Depending on the kind of payment mode (e.g. cash/internet-bank transfers/paypal) you provide, you may add under:
Payment Options > Add New Payment Options.

After clicking on the ‘Add New Payment Option’ button, you will see the types of payment processors – Manual Payment / Paypal. payment options Optional – You may charge a processing fee for each payment option.

To edit an existing option, click on the payment name from the table.


Shipment Options

Alike Payment Options, you can add any kind of Shipment Option (e.g. Normal/Registered postage, Courier services) that you will be providing. Simply click ‘Add New Shipment Option’.

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This will allow your customers to choose how they want their orders to be sent to them. To edit an existing option, click on the option name from the table. A list of options will appear when you’ve clicked on ‘Add New Shipment Option’.

Shipment options are differentiated by how the shipping fee will be calculated.

Free Shipment – No shipping fee will be charged.

Fixed amount – A flat amount of shipping fee is charged.

Other options require ‘Shipment Plus‘ tool subscription. Learn more about the other Shipment Methods options.


Optional Settings

Additional options and Checkout options are not a requirement for your store’s basic operation. You can find more information about the optional settings from the Operations Settings – Part II.  Click the icon in your settings to re-arrange the value of the options.


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